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Christian Heritage Classical School seeks to maintain a strong educational program by providing a stable core of teachers who are academically, professionally, and spiritually competent. We are committed to finding and retaining qualified administrators and support staff who impact the academic and spiritual quality of the school.

Christian Heritage is an ACCS membership school, accredited through AdvancED,  founded in 1994.  Enrollment is currently 235 students offering 4-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade.  Christian Heritage is located amidst the pines of East Texas in northern Longview (Between Shreveport, LA, and Dallas, TX).

Candidates must be mature in the Christian faith and have a desire to teach and disciple children. Candidates must also hold a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in education or area in which they desire to teach. Qualified candidates should have a gift for teaching from a Christ-centered worldview in the classical method.

Non-Discriminatory Hiring Policy

Christian Heritage Classical School does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's race, color, national origin, marital status, gender, disability, or age in hiring, or in the application of any policy, practice, rule or regulation.

Personal Qualifications for Employment

All employees at Christian Heritage will be Christian believers who attend a church whose fundamental beliefs are consistent with the CHCS Statement of Faith. They will give evidence of trusting Jesus Christ alone as Lord and Savior. They will demonstrate a conviction that God has called them to a Christian school teaching ministry. They will demonstrate spiritual maturity, a teachable spirit and have a clear conscience before God and man (Titus 2:1-8).




Headmaster Job Description
Christian Heritage Classical School
Date: November 1, 2020
JobTitle: Headmaster
Work Year: This position is a full-time position that works 12 months a year and has office hours during the summer.
Supervisor: The Board of Trustees
Purpose: The Headmaster is responsible for leading the mission and vision of Christian Heritage
Classical School set by the Board of Trustees. The Headmaster will work diligently to create a strong Christ-centered and classical school identity along with a culture that inspires our students and faculty towards a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. The Headmaster will also lead, manage and oversee all staff, faculty, operations and activities to ensure the policies and strategic plan established by the Board of Trustees are accomplished in every aspect of the school.


● Dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and active involvement in the local church
● Master’s degree in Education, Educational Administration/Leadership,Theology or the Humanities; Previous Christian school administration experience preferred
● Minimum of 3-5 years Christian school teaching experience preferred
● Must be conversant in a broad range of Christian, classical education
● Experience with school accreditation processes and procedures preferred
● A servant-leader whose conduct exemplifies Biblical principles, personal integrity and professionalism
● Strong written and verbal communicator
● Strong desire to build the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and academic foundations of all students in preparation to engage the world
● A strategic and collaborative thinker who uses their ability to see the big picture to evaluate and make thoughtful decisions for the school
● Exemplifies a willingness and passion for working effectively and productively with teachers, students, and their parents in all programs offered by the school
● An ability and willingness to deal with issues proactively, which include excellent interpersonal skills to solve problems and resolve conflicts
● An openness to receive feedback on issues that will facilitate healthy growth and achievement of the school
● A commitment to model and promote life-long learning in themselves and in the lives of the faculty, staff, and students
● An unwavering commitment to the CHCS mission and vision
       ● Communicates and implements the mission and vision of the school to the community on
           a regular basis through various mediums including decision-making and priorities
       ● Recruits Christian faculty with a classical mind-set by developing a plan to attract such
           teachers (in conjunction with the Personnel Committee) as well as maintaining
           excellent faculty which is consistently growing and improving over time
        ● Oversees the assignment, evaluation, training, encouragement, discipline and inspiration
            of the teaching staff by working closely with the appropriate Grammar and
            Logic/Rhetoric School Heads       
        ● Empowers Heads of School to work closely with curriculum leads and faculty to ensure
            that students’ academic needs are met with close adherence to school policies and
         ● Oversees student discipline by working with the Heads of School and faculty; builds
             relationships with students while displaying a heart of grace and wisdom so there is
             mutual respect in the discipline process
          ● Works closely with Heads of School and Curriculum Leads to propose curriculum
             changes (when needed) to the Board to improve our already distinctly Christian and
             classical curriculum
          ● Participates in a broader academic community by interacting with other educational
             leaders and communities throughout the nation whom share our same values and
             philosophy of education
          ● Manages the daily operation of Christian Heritage Classical School by successfully
             leading the administrative team and other key staff (see “Supervisory Responsibilities”)
             in weekly meetings to coordinate school-wide activities, master calendar, delegate
             assignments, and so on.
          ● Manages direct reports (see “Supervisory Responsibilities”) to superintend their areas
             efficiently and effectively so the headmaster can tend to other responsibilities as
             necessary outside of the walls of the school and in the community
          ● Maintains accurate personnel records by overseeing procedures and practices resulting
              in consistent and meaningful records being kept (i.e. administrative team and faculty
              evaluations, corrective action forms, etc..)
          ● Monitors the appropriateness and effectiveness of standards and policies of Christian
             Heritage Classical School by consistently interacting with staff, faculty, parents, and
             students and works closely with Heads of School to revise and propose new standards
             and policies as needed
           ● Oversees the creation of the yearly budget by working with the Finance Committee and
             the bookkeeper to draft and revise the budget in January, for the following school year,
             resulting in a school that operates within its means
           ● Works closely with the bookkeeper to ensure that proper, timely, and accurate financial
             accounting is made to the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee on a
             quarterly basis and as determined by the Board of Trustees
           ● Facilitates student recruitment by serving on the admissions committee and by
            meeting with and attracting godly and like-minded families to register their children at
            Christian Heritage School resulting in the growth of our student population
          ● Serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.
          ● Other responsibilities as required by the Board of Trustees.