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  Name Title Group
Sarah Albertson Albertson, Sarah English and History Instructor Humanities
Kim Avery Avery, Kim Human Resources
Jeanna Brown Brown, Jeanna
Cyndi Brumit Brumit, Cyndi Rhetoric School Instructor Humanities
Cammy Burkhalter Burkhalter, Cammy 1st Grade Instructor
Larry Cunningham Cunningham, Larry Rhetoric/Logic Math Instructor Math/Science
Patricia Daily Daily, Patricia Rhetoric School Instructor
Lisa Denny Denny, Lisa Logic/Rhetoric Instructor Math/Science
Leslie Dorrough Dorrough, Leslie Asst. A.D./PE Instructor
Caroline Eynon Eynon, Caroline Receptionist
Pam Fisher Fisher, Pam Office Manager
Rusty Gorby Gorby, Rusty Rhetoric School Instructor Humanities
Bethany Headrick Headrick, Bethany Librarian
Jennifer Hopson Hopson, Jennifer Teacher/Personal Trainer
Jana Horne Horne, Jana Admissions Director/Registrar/College Guidance
Mark Horner Horner, Mark Rhetoric Instructor/Theater Instructor Humanities
Stephanie Jones Jones, Stephanie Head of School, Logic Math Teacher Math/Science
Thalia Jones Jones, Thalia Strings Instructor Fine Arts
Anne Jordan Jordan, Anne 4th Grade Instructor
Courtney Joyce Joyce, Courtney 1st Grade Instructor
Emily Kangerga Kangerga, Emily Art Instructor
Adrian Kaunitz Kaunitz, Adrian 4K Instructor
Michelle Livingston Livingston, Michelle 5th Grade Instructor
Arty Machin Machin, Arty Rhetoric Economics Instructor Humanities
Griff Mauldin Mauldin, Griff Athletic Director
Dottie Mayhall Mayhall, Dottie 4K Instructor
Tiny Miller Miller, Tiny P.E. Instructor/Athletics Coach
Kelley Moczygemba Moczygemba, Kelley Rhetoric School Instructor Math/Science
Carrie Northcutt Northcutt, Carrie 4K Instructor Fine Arts
Michelle Peterman Peterman, Michelle Kindergarten Instructor
Denise Pitts Pitts, Denise Math/Science Rhetoric Instructor Math/Science
Lauren Pitts Pitts, Lauren
Kristine Poss Poss, Kristine Accounting Accounting
Chad Reeves Reeves, Chad Rhetoric Bible Instructor Humanities
Jessie Risner Risner, Jessie Marketing Director
John Rutherford Rutherford, John
Suzanne Scott Scott, Suzanne 2nd Grade Instructor
Beth Sheffield Sheffield, Beth Chorale Director Fine Arts
Jodi Sieh Sieh, Jodi Logic/Bible Instructor Humanities
Faith Silvertooth Silvertooth, Faith 3rd Grade Instructor
Karol Terry Terry, Karol History/English Logic Instructor Humanities
Amy Thompson Thompson, Amy Logic Science Instructor Math/Science
Heather Trauger Trauger, Heather 5th Grade Instructor
Cheryl Upchurch Upchurch, Cheryl Assistant to Acting Head of School
Danielle Young Young, Danielle Latin Instructor Language