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What is the Grammar Stage

In the grammar stage, children’s minds are like sponges. They soak up information and absorb facts, facts, and more facts. Contrary to the modern disdain for it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an emphasis on knowing by heart and mastering important information during this stage of learning. Young children can easily retain information and love to display their mastery of it. In fact, I believe it could be proven that by mastering the processes of memorization and recitation of knowledge at this (the grammar) level, understanding and formal capacities of complex reasoning are later strengthened. For example, imagine having skill at advanced mathematics or algebra without first learning the simple sums or the multiplication table. Mastering the facts gives one the foundation of further understanding. This is common, “classical” sense.

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Grammar School Program Overview

What is it like to attend the Grammar School at Christian Heritage Classical School?

In a classical, Christ-centered school, children in grades 4K through fifth grade learn through songs, chants and recitation. Every day the students recite the history timeline as they learn important dates and facts in chronological order by using hand motions and picture cues. They memorize phonograms as they learn the building blocks of reading and spelling. The children recite Bible verses and sing Bible songs as they learn about God. They sing patriotic songs and say the pledge of allegiance to the flag as they learn to love their country. They recite chants for learning important facts in science. They sing songs when learning the states and capitals. There seems to be a song or rhyme for everything.

The children also enjoy the fine arts. In music class, they learn how to sing together in harmony, how to read music and about composers of great music. In art class, they learn about different periods of art history. They also try to imitate great artists by using similar mediums and attempting to reproduce the style of each period.

In addition to all the fun the children have in school, they also go on field trips. They may go to the zoo, Sci-port, the fire station, the farm, or some other exciting destination. In 5th grade the students go on their first overnight field trip to NASA in Houston. Parents are always welcome to go along for the fun.

Every day the children face a challenging curriculum, see and hear things that are beautiful, and enjoy new experiences. They learn from loving, committed teachers and make lasting friendships with their classmates. The grammar school at Christian Heritage Classical School is a great place to be.

Grammar School Courses Include:

Excellence in Writing
Writing Road to Reading


Enrichment Opportunities

Students in the grammar school at CHCS enjoy varied opportunities for enrichment. 

Field Trips

Every year students go on field trips to nearby zoos, fire stations, farms, Sciport, and more.  Fifth grade students go on their first overnight field trip to NASA in Houston. 

School-wide Events

The CHCS National Honor Society sponsors school-wide events to promote school spirit and community involvement. The grammar school has  annually selected specific projects to support the needs of those in the immediate community and in Mexico through special giving projects, which encourages the involvement of each class in unique ways targeted to their specific age groups.

Annual Traditions

Every Thanksgiving, grammar school students dress as Pilgrims and Indians and enjoy a morning-long Thanksgiving Fest.  Students in 1st through 4th grades perform a musical program before Christmas.  In the spring, grammar school students participate in the Classical Showcase/Open House.

Athletic Competitions

Every Fall the 3rd-6th graders travel to St. Mary's to participate in the Fall Relays, a fun relay race with area private, Christian schools. In the springtime the 3rd-6th graders participate in the Spring Relays on the CHCS campus.