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Sentinel Supporters is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting CHCS students in the areas of athletics, competitive academic programs and the arts. Our mission is to enhance CHCS's arts, athletic, and competitive academic programs by:

  • Partnering with parents and the entrire school community to support our students, teachers, and coaches.
  • Recognizing Students through award programs highlighting the achievements for God's honor and glory.
  • Organizing Fundraising activities and develop financial resources to support the needs of art, athletics, and competitive academic programs.
  • Promote a Christ-centered environment and encourage an atmosphere of godly conduct in all endeavors of Christian Heritage Classical School.

Why Everyone Should Join

  • Competitive programs contribute greatly to the student experience and success of Christian Heritage.
  • Membership fees will account for approxi­mately half of the funds raised by Sentinel Supporters.
  • All students benefit from and utilize equipment funded by Sentinel Support­ers.
  • Successful programs help attract new students and families.
  • Successful programs encourage student participation in arts, athletics, and competi­tive academics.
  • Your membership makes a DIFFERENCE!

2020-2021 Booster Club Executive Committee

President: Jeanna Brown
VP of Finance: Erin Dunnahoo
VP of Fundraising: Robert Walker
VP Membership: Michael Moss
VP Recognition: Alison Roberts
Faculty Representative: Carrie Walls
CHCS Board-appointed Representative: Meredith White
Secretary: Shelia Freeman
To join, visit our website at