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Created to Create

February 20, 2019
By Mrs. Menadier - CHCS Art Teacher

We had the amazing opportunity of going to Backstage Graphics to learn about screen printing. The owner, Josh Crouch offered to let each student screen print their own t-shirt. 

We had a t-shirt design contest in order to decide on what would be printed on our shirts. Students created designs using a famous artist quote, art supplies, or the beauty of God's creation. The winnning design was chosen based on creativity, neatness, and overall professional design. We voted and ended up combining the top three designs by Piper Brown, Cameron Foy, and Anna Graves. 

 We learned about the creative process required in order to design and print shirt orders. The t-shirts are designed on a computer program using a previous sketch or a digital design. Then, the design is turned into a 'stencil' on a screen using a special coating in a dark room. Using this screen, ink is pushed through the stencilled design onto the t-shirt.  Students were able to print the winning design on a shirt to keep. They were also shown how screen printing is used to create artwork. 

1000 Career Points!

January 16, 2019
By CHCS & Longview News Journal

Congratulations on reaching 1000+ career points Kenny!! 

Year-End Giving

December 20, 2018
By James Carroll - CHCS Board President

Sponge Day???

December 17, 2018
Sponge Day 2018
On December 14th, our Rhetoric students & teachers spent a day serving the community around them at various locations. Scroll down to see why we call it "Sponge Day." 


Why "Sponge Day"? 

Sponge day was created about 6 years ago by a CHCS senior who developed a desire for Christian Heritage rhetoric students to give back to the Longview community. This particular student felt overwhelmed by the abundance of encouragement and Christ-centered love that was poured into to her and her classmates over the years that she was compelled to share it with others! So, you may still wonder, why a sponge? Well, like a sponge absorbs what it submerged in, so it also exudes that same "liquid" once it is squeezed. Our students wanted an opportunity to be "wrung-out" in the Longview community. They wanted to "exude" their hearts for the Lord through acts of service. With the help of staff and faculty, Sponge Day became a day for our 9th-12th grade CHCS students to be "wrung-out" in the community around them. They wanted to "squeeze out" every bit of the encouragement for the benefit of others.

We are deeply thankful for the hearts that are cultivated on our campus. God is so faithful to build-up students like these who love others and want to be servant leaders in all environments. During this holiday season, and always, it is our prayer that our students show Christ's loving kindness to everyone they encounter.  Let us all be "wrung-out" for the Lord in our community.  

2018 Service Locations



Love Sponge Day?  Want an opportunity to be "wrung-out too?"

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2018 Regional Speech Meet

December 13, 2018

Congratulations all 2018 Regional Speech Meet participants! We are proud of the diligent work put toward perfecting your speeches to compete at CHCS on December 7th against Providence Classical Academy. The meet hosted 154 1st-7th grade students and had several categories of competition depending on grade level. Those categories include Poetry, Bible Memory, Fable, Bible Prose, Literary Prose, and Historical Oration. The top three scoring students from each category received medals and all participants received certificates. Thank you, students, staff, faculty, and parents for making this event a success! 

1st Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold | Audrey Beadle | CHCS
Silver | Saylor McDowell | CHCS
Bronze | Matthew Credeur | CHCS
1st Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Ashton Boone | CHCS
Silver | Vivianne Cowart | CHCS 
Bronze | Elizabeth MacNeill | CHCS
2nd Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold | Morgan Carr | CHCS
Silver | Aurora Shipley | PCA
Bronze | Blake Robertson | CHCS
2nd Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Collyn Joyce | CHCS
Silver | Murphie Moreland | PCA
Bronze | Natalie Shulze | PCA
2nd Grade Fable Winners: 
Gold | Lola MacDacDonald | PCA
Silver | Ben Kitchell | PCA
Bronze | -- | 
3rd  Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold |  Micah Kaunitz | CHCS
Silver | Caroline Burkhalter | CHCS
Bronze | Kale Moczygemba | CHCS
3rd Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold | Kyro Youssef | CHCS
Silver | Preston Young | CHCS
Bronze | Colt Stone | CHCS
3rd Grade Fable Winners: 
Gold |  Drue Wilson | CHCS
Silver | Ally Phillips | PCA

Bronze | Jackson Cammack | CHCS

4th Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold | Camryn Crossland | & | Riley Howard | CHCS & PCA 
Silver | Sailor Crump | PCA
Bronze | Lily Credeur | & | Emma Smith | CHCS & PCA 
4th Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Henry Kitchell | PCA
Silver | Addison Briscoe | CHCS

Bronze | Graham Cheney | PCA

4th Grade Fable Winners: 
Gold | Mabry McNeese | CHCS
Silver | Grace Goodwin | PCA
Bronze | Judson Lenert | PCA
5th Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold |  Adrianna McCoy | CHCS
Silver | Cody Moczygemba | & | Lilliana Burchett | CHCS & PCA

Bronze | Ari Collins | CHCS

5th Grade Bible Prose Winners: 
Gold | Caleb Terral | PCA
Silver | Tiffany Morgan | & | Jacob St. Pierre | PCA & PCA
Bronze | -- | 
5th Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Slade Scott | & | Kinley Wells | CHCS & PCA
Silver | Owen Holcomb | & | Connor McElmurry |
 |& | McKennah Claxton | CHCS, CHCS & PCA | 
Bronze | Reiley Lenert | PCA
5th Grade Literary Prose Winners: 
Gold | Ali Hamic | PCA
Silver | Elise Hood | PCA
Bronze | Eliana Krug | & | Peyton Wilson | CHCS & CHCS 
5th Grade Historical Oration Winners: 
Gold |  Kaleb Kelley | CHCS
Silver | Atley Love | & | Jed Bowers | CHCS & CHCS 
Bronze | Andrew Newton | PCA
6th Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold | Hannah Slopak | & | Charlotte Bailey | PCA & PCA
Silver | Tye Sullivan | PCA
Bronze | Addison Roberts | CHCS
6th Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Coleman Bales | CHCS
Silver | Baylee Allison | PCA
Bronze | Shelby Chandler | & | Emmalyne Johnson | PCA & PCA
6th Grade Literary Prose Winners: 
Gold | Jamie Russell | CHCS
Silver | Sarah Kate Hamm | PCA
Bronze | Kayleigh Khan | CHCS
6th Grade Historical Oration Winners: 
Gold |  Alli Wilson | CHCS
Silver | Ainsley Stinson | PCA

Bronze | Riley Douglas | PCA

7th Grade Poetry Winners: 
Gold | Mary White | CHCS
Silver | Savannah Striegler | CHCS 
Bronze | Nathan Bard | PCA 
7th Grade Bible Memory Winners: 
Gold |  Josey Cheek | & | Issac Adams | CHCS & CHCS
Silver | -- |

Bronze | -- |

7th Grade Literary Prose Winners: 
Gold | Hanna Kang | PCA
Silver | Lilyana Reyna | PCA
Bronze | Seth Droddy | PCA
7th Grade Bible Prose Winners: 
Gold |  Laynie Hamberlain | CHCS
Silver | Meredith Orr | CHCS
Bronze | -- |



Classical vs Conventional

December 03, 2018
By The Classical Difference Magazine

At CHCS we often get asked questions similar to the following:

"What is Classical Christian Education?"

"How is Classical Christian Education different from Conventional Christian Education?"

"How will these differences affect my child's overall education/future?" 

These questions are beautifully answered in the most recent edition of The Classical Difference Magazine. The published article is titled 10 Differences and it highlights the main components that distinguish Classical Christian Education from Conventional Christian Education. Below is a brief excerpt from the article; to find out ALL 10 differences, click the link: 

-------> <-------







2nd Grader Wins Art Award

November 13, 2018

Christian Heritage second-grade student, Jillian, wins the 2018 Kilgore College Veterans Day art contest. Thank you Mrs. Menadier, CHCS art teacher, for entering her piece into the contest! The winners were announced on November 12th during a special celebration honoring our U.S. Veterans and the prizes given were sums of cash. The purpose of the contest is to bring about awareness of the history and purpose of Veterans Day to students, and as a result, will allow students to portray their own personal appreciation to veterans for their service through art. With her beautiful artwork, Jillian won a $50 prize and plans to give it to her big sister to use for her upcoming mission trip to Africa. Way to go Jillian!

Senior Spotlight

November 12, 2018
By Faith Carroll - CHCS Student

Hello! My name is Faith Carroll, and I am currently a senior at Christian Heritage Classical School. I came to CHCS in the 3rd grade, making this my tenth year! Throughout the decade, it has been amazing to watch how prayer-filled teachers and administrators have improved athletic programs, curriculums, leadership opportunities, and more, so that my friends and I can receive the best Christ-centered, classical education. I am so appreciative for the way this school has shaped my character, developed my diligence, and encouraged scholarship.

One of the main things that sets Christian Heritage apart from other schools is the family environment. It has been the main contributor to the development of my character. From Grammar school to Rhetoric school, I have always had attentive teachers who cared for me, challenged me, and loved me just as much as my parents did at home. Before my first day here, I had attended a large public elementary school in Houston, TX and was very much lost in the crowd. Coming to Christian Heritage, I was intimidated by the hard curriculum and making new friends, but my teacher, Mrs. Bond, could not have made the transition easier. Also, prayer is a massive part of the regular school day. Carried from my Grammar school to Rhetoric school experience, prayer is daily implemented into chapel and before class periods. In Rhetoric school, we even learned how to say the Lord’s Prayer in both Latin and Spanish. This constant emphasis is not only a reminder to submit to God, but that God is ultimately watching our actions, attitude, and reactions in the classroom. This cultivates a community of accountability that I vividly remember shaping my character. Lastly, my character has been shaped by the leadership position Seniors are expected to uphold. The eight-month process of planning a high school retreat taught us all how to time-manage, delegate, budget, work with others, and listen to the Holy Spirit. It was very much emphasized that the Seniors set the tone for the rest of the high school. It is not something my class takes lightly. More than retreat, the Seniors are small group leaders over a group of underclassman. Every Tuesday morning, I have the opportunity to minister, listen, and grow closer to the girls in my group. These unique experiences played a massive role in the making of who I am today.

One of my favorite things about Christian Heritage is the students’ ability to be involved in many different activities. In my high-school career, I have played three years of Varsity Volleyball, four years of Varsity Basketball, Stage Managed three One Act Play Shows, played the role of “Mrs. Andrews” in Mary Poppins, played the role of Snoopy in “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”, and sang for four years in the high school choir. My extensive involvement has allowed me to learn how to balance numerous spinning plates and execute all of them with excellence. I remember in the seventh grade, when I was just beginning to play volleyball, our coach continually told our team that we had to master the basics to improve. Even when it didn’t seem possible, we grinded in practice year after year. We did the burpees. We ran until we felt like throwing up in practice, yet those many years of diligence came together in our senior season this year. In our pre-season, with basically the same girls I played with in the seventh grade, we won first place in the Leverett’s Chapel Volleyball tournament, and we almost went undefeated in our pre-season and district volleyball season. We placed 2nd in our district overall! This is just one of the countless examples of how our diligence, cultivated by CHCS, paid off in the end.

At Christian Heritage, scholarship is recognized as the strife for wisdom and understanding. While all the classes are outstanding, the ones that stick out to me as the main influencers on my pursuit of scholarship are my high school English classes and Thesis class. One thing that is absolutely priceless to me is how I have been able to analyze classic works of literature such as the Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities, the Confessions, Frankenstein, Lord of the Flies, and more, through a Christian worldview. It has been amazing to participate in Socratic discussions with my bright classmates about the motivation behind characters, symbols, and our response as Christians. Also, all seniors have to write a senior thesis in which we choose a controversial world topic and take a year to write a lengthy paper arguing our viewpoint. Eventually, we will memorize parts of our thesis, present it, and be questioned by a panel, as one of our final requirements as a CHCS student. I am arguing for United States Immigration Reform, and I have never been stretched more, mentally, academically, or spiritually, in delving into my topic. But, in order to tackle a world topic, I had to have a strong foundation in Grammar and Logic school. I have no doubt that the memorization of the history timeline in grammar school or my logic classes in logic school helped me attain a well-rounded view on the world.

After I graduate from CHCS, I will be attending Texas A&M University and will be majoring in Marketing at the Mays School of Business. After I graduate from undergrad, I plan on getting my MBA and then going to Law School. I have hopes of traveling abroad and getting an internship at Capitol Hill, as I have always been fascinated by politics. Ultimately, it is God who holds the plan for my future, and I just get the blessing of being along for the ride. I give full credit to my parents and CHCS for preparing me for the world.

Big Event Recap

November 05, 2018

Our 2nd Annual Sporting Clay Tournament Big Event was a success! We are excited to announce that we raised just under $43,000!! A huge thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, participants, and parents for making this event a hit for the second year in a row!!  Our Gun Raffle Winner was CHCS parent, Cody Simmons. Mrs. Silvertooth’s third-grade class and Mrs. Trauger’s fifth-grade class were the top two in raffle ticket sales and had a great time competing in the nerf war during our pep rally! Ninth Graders were the top sellers for all Logic and Rhetoric and will get a free pizza lunch while “wearing what they want" on December 4th.  Another BIG thank you to Thomas Oilfield & Services for providing and serving all of the food for the event! Thank you Upshur Rural for setting up three water stations out on the course. Thank you Backstage Graphics for making all our event signage and t-shirts! The kids had an incredible time playing in the Kids' Area getting their faces painted and bouncing in the jumper (donated by East Texas Inflatables). Our tournament participants had a fun experience competing in the sporting clay shoot and look forward to coming back next year! The winning team was Titan Tubulars & Well Services (Chamberlain Family) and the top scoring shooter was from their team. 

We are excited to already be planning next year’s 3rd Annual Sporting Clay Tournament Big Event.  If you would like to be part of this planning committee, contact Holly MacNeill,

**We also have a few Big Event spirit shirts (pictured below) in youth and adult sizes available for $10 purchase (all proceeds go to annual fund). Get yours through the office today!**


One Act Play 2018

October 31, 2018
By Mrs. Sheffield - CHCS Fine Arts Director

Congratulations to our CHCS one-act-play cast, crew, and director, Laramie
Cureton, on their recent success at the TAPPS 2018 OAP Division III District
Contest at Forney High School last Monday, October 22. In addition to earning the
runner-up title and advancing to state competition for their performance of The
Miracle Worker by William Gibson, CHCS thespians took home the following
individual honors:

  •  “Best Crew” – Faith Carroll (stage manager), Piper Brown (lighting designer/operator), and Ian Dunnahoo (sound designer/operator)
  •  “All-Star Crew” – Faith Carroll
  • “Honorable Mention Cast” – Natalie Pitts, Allie White, & Kirsten Nugent(Blind girls), Riley Nichols (Jimmy Sullivan), Christina Burkhalter (Aunt Ev), Landon Ashley (James Keller), Lauren Pitts (Kate Keller), and Brennen Moss (Captain Keller)
  •  “All-Star Cast” – Parker Montgomery (Helen Keller), and Jilian Gates (Annie Sullivan)


The TAPPS 2018 OAP Division III State Contest will take place on November 12 &
in Kerrville, TX, and a public performance will be scheduled in Longview prior
to the competition.

We are so proud of our CHCS OAP team and wish them the best at state!

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