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Learning Latin - Pompeii

August 28, 2018
By Mrs. Pabst - Latin Teacher

"I simply love love love love love teaching Latin at CHCS! Our Latin curriculum is much more than simply learning vocabulary terms. It is learning conversational terms, learning history, science, art, geography, Greek Myths, all subjects through the lens of a foreign language. Our Latin students are not just confined to staring at a textbook for 45-minutes. They are doing hands on projects that incorporate all subjects taught at CHCS." - Mrs. Pabst, CHCS 3rd-6th Grade Latin Teacher

 6th Grade Latin & Pompeii Models

"We created the Pompeii models to represent what we have been learning in Latin. We are studying the life of a man named Caecilius who lived with his family in Pompeii. The paragraphs that we are translating all center around his lifestyle and family. In stage 1 (the stage we just completed) we learn a lot about what his house would have looked like and how it was set up (example, they have a fauces (entrance hall) which is how you enter the house, they also have an atrium (main room) where a lot of events take place. They also reclined on their left elbow while eating dinner, only if you were rich though! It is those neat little facts that not only help us learn Latin but truly study history and the Roman culture. Latin is not a subject that is meant to be separated from other subjects. It is through the rich curriculum that Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Walls picked that I am truly able to incorporate all subjects. The villas are simply an incorporation of Roman art, geography (study of Mt. Vesuvius) and layout of the city of Pompeii. This shows the students that Latin is not simply studying from a textbook but rather the study of all subjects through a foreign language."  -  Mrs. Pabst, CHCS 3rd-6th Grade Latin Teacher 

5th Grade Latin - Pompeii Guest Speaker: Dr. Glynn Stone, Pastor of Mobberly Baptist Church

"Dr. Glynn Stone came to visit my fifth grade Latin class on August 27th. Dr. Stone had the opportunity to visit Pompeii a few years ago which offered a new and exciting perspective for my students. In fifth grade Latin we study the life of Caecilius and his family who lived in Pompeii. Dr. Stone was able to share what it was like to walk the streets of Pompeii as well as show several pictures that he took while there. It is one thing to read about something in a book and a completely different thing to actually speak with someone who has visited and can share a new perspective. My fifth graders loved hearing Dr. Stone speak and are very excited to begin the study of Latin through the life of Caecilius and learn more interesting facts about Roman culture and life in Pompeii. Dr. Stone speaking about his trip to Pompeii was a great way to kick off the fifth grade year of Latin. My students are thrilled and excited to dive right in!" -Mrs. Pabst




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