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Personal Narrative

September 19, 2018

"The personal narrative assignment is a unique opportunity for students to reflect upon a significant event or significant person in their lives through a descriptive narrative format. Students work on the essay for 7-10 days through looping exercises, editing, revising, and presenting. The final draft is a treasure for the student for many years to come, and truly a highlight for me every year." - Mrs. Moss, CHCS Teacher 

At CHCS our students are being beautifully molded to share their stories and to share them well. In Mrs. Moss' AP English class, the students delved into their topics in such a way that allowed their audience to travel to that significant event with them. With each word expressed through these personal narratives, everyone listening was able to deeply experience the nerve-wrecking emotions of a championship baseball game, the life-changing impact of an overseas mission trip, the lasting legacy of moments in time spent with family, and the heartwrenching affects of a tragic house fire. God uses all our stories to impact and shape the world around us. Our teachers at Christian Heritage do a wonderful job guiding our students to understand the depth in which their personal narratives can influence, encourage, and inspire. 

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