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Soil Testing

September 20, 2018

CHCS 5th graders were given the fun opportunity to expand their knowledge of God's creation. Below is a description of the project from their teacher and pictures of the fun. Enjoy! 

"We were studying the characteristics of soil in our unit on soil, weathering, and erosion. We studied four different samples of soil (lawn, potting, garden, and poor soil) and identified their color, composition, texture, and water-holding capacity. Based off these observations, we drew conclusions about which types would be most conducive to plant growth. 

By observing these characteristics, students can see that God has created so much variety in the world, even by giving us different types of dirt! He has also given us soil with just the right composition and minerals to support life and give people food. This helps students learn observational skills and reason from their observations, which is an important element of classical education. We also want to help students develop their sense of wonder and curiosity about the world and everything in it, and hands-on experiments like this help inspire that sense of wonder." - Mrs. Pittlekow, CHCS 5th Grade Teacher

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