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Senior Spotlight

November 12, 2018
By Faith Carroll - CHCS Student

Hello! My name is Faith Carroll, and I am currently a senior at Christian Heritage Classical School. I came to CHCS in the 3rd grade, making this my tenth year! Throughout the decade, it has been amazing to watch how prayer-filled teachers and administrators have improved athletic programs, curriculums, leadership opportunities, and more, so that my friends and I can receive the best Christ-centered, classical education. I am so appreciative for the way this school has shaped my character, developed my diligence, and encouraged scholarship.

One of the main things that sets Christian Heritage apart from other schools is the family environment. It has been the main contributor to the development of my character. From Grammar school to Rhetoric school, I have always had attentive teachers who cared for me, challenged me, and loved me just as much as my parents did at home. Before my first day here, I had attended a large public elementary school in Houston, TX and was very much lost in the crowd. Coming to Christian Heritage, I was intimidated by the hard curriculum and making new friends, but my teacher, Mrs. Bond, could not have made the transition easier. Also, prayer is a massive part of the regular school day. Carried from my Grammar school to Rhetoric school experience, prayer is daily implemented into chapel and before class periods. In Rhetoric school, we even learned how to say the Lord’s Prayer in both Latin and Spanish. This constant emphasis is not only a reminder to submit to God, but that God is ultimately watching our actions, attitude, and reactions in the classroom. This cultivates a community of accountability that I vividly remember shaping my character. Lastly, my character has been shaped by the leadership position Seniors are expected to uphold. The eight-month process of planning a high school retreat taught us all how to time-manage, delegate, budget, work with others, and listen to the Holy Spirit. It was very much emphasized that the Seniors set the tone for the rest of the high school. It is not something my class takes lightly. More than retreat, the Seniors are small group leaders over a group of underclassman. Every Tuesday morning, I have the opportunity to minister, listen, and grow closer to the girls in my group. These unique experiences played a massive role in the making of who I am today.

One of my favorite things about Christian Heritage is the students’ ability to be involved in many different activities. In my high-school career, I have played three years of Varsity Volleyball, four years of Varsity Basketball, Stage Managed three One Act Play Shows, played the role of “Mrs. Andrews” in Mary Poppins, played the role of Snoopy in “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”, and sang for four years in the high school choir. My extensive involvement has allowed me to learn how to balance numerous spinning plates and execute all of them with excellence. I remember in the seventh grade, when I was just beginning to play volleyball, our coach continually told our team that we had to master the basics to improve. Even when it didn’t seem possible, we grinded in practice year after year. We did the burpees. We ran until we felt like throwing up in practice, yet those many years of diligence came together in our senior season this year. In our pre-season, with basically the same girls I played with in the seventh grade, we won first place in the Leverett’s Chapel Volleyball tournament, and we almost went undefeated in our pre-season and district volleyball season. We placed 2nd in our district overall! This is just one of the countless examples of how our diligence, cultivated by CHCS, paid off in the end.

At Christian Heritage, scholarship is recognized as the strife for wisdom and understanding. While all the classes are outstanding, the ones that stick out to me as the main influencers on my pursuit of scholarship are my high school English classes and Thesis class. One thing that is absolutely priceless to me is how I have been able to analyze classic works of literature such as the Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities, the Confessions, Frankenstein, Lord of the Flies, and more, through a Christian worldview. It has been amazing to participate in Socratic discussions with my bright classmates about the motivation behind characters, symbols, and our response as Christians. Also, all seniors have to write a senior thesis in which we choose a controversial world topic and take a year to write a lengthy paper arguing our viewpoint. Eventually, we will memorize parts of our thesis, present it, and be questioned by a panel, as one of our final requirements as a CHCS student. I am arguing for United States Immigration Reform, and I have never been stretched more, mentally, academically, or spiritually, in delving into my topic. But, in order to tackle a world topic, I had to have a strong foundation in Grammar and Logic school. I have no doubt that the memorization of the history timeline in grammar school or my logic classes in logic school helped me attain a well-rounded view on the world.

After I graduate from CHCS, I will be attending Texas A&M University and will be majoring in Marketing at the Mays School of Business. After I graduate from undergrad, I plan on getting my MBA and then going to Law School. I have hopes of traveling abroad and getting an internship at Capitol Hill, as I have always been fascinated by politics. Ultimately, it is God who holds the plan for my future, and I just get the blessing of being along for the ride. I give full credit to my parents and CHCS for preparing me for the world.

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