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Sponge Day???

December 17, 2018
Sponge Day 2018
On December 14th, our Rhetoric students & teachers spent a day serving the community around them at various locations. Scroll down to see why we call it "Sponge Day." 


Why "Sponge Day"? 

Sponge day was created about 6 years ago by a CHCS senior who developed a desire for Christian Heritage rhetoric students to give back to the Longview community. This particular student felt overwhelmed by the abundance of encouragement and Christ-centered love that was poured into to her and her classmates over the years that she was compelled to share it with others! So, you may still wonder, why a sponge? Well, like a sponge absorbs what it submerged in, so it also exudes that same "liquid" once it is squeezed. Our students wanted an opportunity to be "wrung-out" in the Longview community. They wanted to "exude" their hearts for the Lord through acts of service. With the help of staff and faculty, Sponge Day became a day for our 9th-12th grade CHCS students to be "wrung-out" in the community around them. They wanted to "squeeze out" every bit of the encouragement for the benefit of others.

We are deeply thankful for the hearts that are cultivated on our campus. God is so faithful to build-up students like these who love others and want to be servant leaders in all environments. During this holiday season, and always, it is our prayer that our students show Christ's loving kindness to everyone they encounter.  Let us all be "wrung-out" for the Lord in our community.  

2018 Service Locations



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