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In our Grammar School, children learn the solid truths of God’s world through stories, interactive songs, chants, and jingles designed to capture the natural way they inhabit the world. In this story-rich and whimsical environment, we build a foundation of wonder and delight as students absorb the truths of each subject. This foundation gives students a cultural, functional, and moral literacy that develops the whole child, body, and soul, for God’s glory.

A brief overview of our curriculum for K4 - 5th grade can be found here:

Curriculum Scope and Sequence


In grammar school, students have opportunities to explore God's creation while also participating in many enrichment activities that enhance their curriculum. These may include field trips to a pumpkin patch, a chocolate factory, the zoo, the American Freedom Museum, NASA, and various science museums. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Kindergarten Operetta, Thanksgiving Fest, Talents for the Master, Bible Hero Day, Biography Projects, States Paper, Texas Day, Egypt Day, Entrepreneurial Day, Tea with Mr. Tummnus, Classical Showcase, Greek Day, Pet Day, and Fall and Spring Relays while in grammar school. The year culminates with Character Awards. This is a special time when teachers celebrate each child's God-given character qualities.


CHCS Culture Points

1. Love and respect others as God commands.
2. Speak only about what is useful and helpful.
3. Take care of our community and our campus.
4. Recognize and respond when someone is speaking to you.
5. Respond with “Yes/No Ma’am/Sir” when answering a question.
6. Raise your hand and wait silently to be addressed before speaking.
7. Show respect to other classes by walking quietly in the hallways.
8. Obey any teacher at any time.
9. Be aware and be prepared.
10. Respect others’ property.


Summer Hours