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Our History

In 1994, Christian Heritage Classical School was established as Christian Heritage School of Longview by a local pastor, Bo Bolding,  and several like-minded families who shared a vision for reclaiming the excellence of classic American education. After about ten years into the life of the school, the Board of Trustees discovered and pursued Classical Education as their primary pedagogy. In 2016, the school officially changed its name to Christian Heritage Classical School. In the beginning, CHS was housed in several different rented facilities. Through prayer, sacrifice, and God's generous blessings, CHCS now occupies its own campus on ten acres and enjoys the support of families through an active parent involvement program.


Our Mission

Christian Heritage Classical School exists to partner with the home to provide excellent Christ-centered, classical education to develop biblical reasoning and a desire in each student to savor God and serve his fellow man.


Our Vision

Godly character begins with the fear of the Lord. At CHCS, we strive to develop wise students, not just knowledgeable ones. Our hope is that students will possess a heart of grace and one that seeks to please the Lord in all endeavors and pursuits. Through biblical teaching and role modeling, we believe the evidence of the fruit of the spirit will come forth in daily interactions between students and the community. Through the development of godly character, we believe our students will develop a strong, active conscience and be able to speak out against the false doctrines and teachings in our culture today and promote the cause of Christ.

All CHCS students should embrace challenging subjects and topics to the best of their ability while exhibiting excellence in their work. Developing a life-long love of learning will ensure a student’s maturity and growth in all areas including: intellect, spiritual, emotional, and physical. We believe CHCS inspires such learning and fosters an environment of safety to ask curious questions and go deeper into all subject matter. Fostering a culture in which the end goal is not a specific grade or GPA, but a culture in which the mastery of skills and the desire to learn more are preeminent. Students will learn to read and write carefully and critically as well as speak eloquently and often to refine comprehension and presentation skills. Preparing students for their next level of education, vocation, gap year, or wherever the Lord leads them is an important end-goal for CHCS. Encouraging students from an early age to pursue God’s “calling” on their lives, not just a “career”, enables students to consider God’s greater call to advance the cause of Christ in the world through their career or vocation or next step after graduation.

Cultivating leadership skills and God-given passions among our students will impact the cause of Christ for generations to come. We encourage our CHCS students to pursue servant-leadership in their school, family, church, and community. We believe the opportunities for interaction between our upper school students and lower school students provide excellent opportunities for the upperclassmen to become role models to the younger students and lead by example. Through leadership in small groups, worship teams, National Honor Society, community service days, and more, our school is an excellent training ground for student leadership and a place for faculty and staff to guide and mentor students as they see students’ passions and abilities unfold. Holding students to a high presentation standard through the practice of classical rhetoric and persuasive argument sets our students apart as they are then able to go into the world and speak eloquently, write persuasively, debate logically, and be effective leaders.

Imparting a distinctively Christian worldview to our students solidifies the spiritual foundation they will need to evaluate worldly wisdom in light of biblical truth as well as to engage the culture. At CHCS, our rigorous, classical curriculum challenges students to think critically and contextually enhances the students’ core beliefs, values, convictions, and principles to prepare them for their next steps after graduation. Applying Christian worldview principles to everyday life and decision-making is one of the most important gifts we can give to our students. Through the study and examination of history, literature, culture, rhetoric, liberal arts, classical texts, as well as various philosophies and belief systems, our students learn how to converse with those of other faiths, backgrounds, and worldviews. This gives students the ability to defend their faith for the cause of Christ.

Through our educational system, we are discipling the minds and hearts of our students. Working in tandem with the home and the local church, CHCS exists to help cultivate God’s calling in the lives of our students. We seek to equip and propel our students into the world as committed followers of Christ with the goal of spreading the gospel and making an impact for Him.


Our Core Values


  • Pursue Excellence - We give our highest effort to glorify God.

  • Embody Christ-likeness - We serve each other in a spirit of love, humility, and grace.

  • Value Community - We build relationships, foster unity, and encourage teamwork.

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