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Logic students have a natural inclination to pose questions, reason with adults and peers, and make connections as they inhabit God’s world. To channel these capabilities, students learn the fundamentals of logic and the art of Socratic dialogue. This curricular approach hones students' innate desire to know and understand and gives them tools to interact skillfully with others in God’s world.

Please see our Curriculum Scope and Sequence for a brief overview of what our students learn in logic school (6th - 8th).

Our logic students have the opportunity to go on field trips such as The Alamo, the Holocaust Museum, and the J.F.K. Memorial. They also have the privilege of participating in House Groups and House Games and being a part of Student-Led Chapel services with our high school students. Our middle school students attend a Logic Retreat, engage in Thanksgiving Fest and our Christmas Celebration, and participate in various electives and sports of their choosing.