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Welcome to Christian Heritage Classical School!


Step 1: Enrollment

Please let us know if you have any questions about enrollment. Enrollment Steps

Step 2: Financial Information and Fees

Crista Hood, our accountant, will be sending you information confirming your payment plan.

Step 3: Parent Participation

Stefany Bowers is our Parent Participation Coordinator. She will contact you about how you would like to serve our school community with your gifts and talents. The following is a video that helps explain our: Parent Participation Program

Step 4: Sign up for New Family Orientation New Family Orientation Sign Up


Additional Information


Summer Reading: Kindergarten - 5th Grade Summer Reading Information

6th Grade Summer Reading

7th Grade Summer Reading

8th Grade Summer Reading

9th Grade Summer Reading


Summer Sports and Latin Camps: Upcoming Events


Rhetoric (9-12) BOYS' Summer Training Schedule

Rhetoric (9-12) Girls' Summer Training Schedule

Academic Calendar



Christian Heritage Classical School App: 

Information, including a school directory, grades, lesson plans, etc., can be found on this app. Go to the app store and type in Christian Heritage Classical School to get it. 


At CHCS, we maintain a standardized dress code policy to provide neatness and modesty on our campus. You can find the current dress code policy here: CHCS Dress Code. In addition, our approved school uniforms can be ordered through Lands’ End or Backstage Graphics. The CHCS member number for Lands’ End is 900048828. You can also get shirts from local stores and have our logo placed on them from Backstage.

School Supplies:

K4 - 5th grade school supplies will be purchased by the school and billed through FACTS. 6th - 12th grade school supply lists will be updated in July and can be found under parent resources on our website.

After-School Care:

After-school care is available Monday-Friday until 5:30: After-School Care



Hot lunches at CHCS are provided by outside vendors. You will be notified after the start of the school year regarding which vendors are being used for the current year. Hot lunch ordering is available one week each month, in which orders are placed for the upcoming month. Steps to Order Lunches. Of course, students are always allowed to bring lunch from home, and you may come to eat with your student anytime!


Morning and Afternoon Drop Off:

Our school day begins each day at 8 a.m. The doors open at 7:30 a.m. to begin receiving students, and students are considered tardy after 8 a.m. Please drop K4 and K students off in the line closest to the building to help ensure their safety. Upon drop-off, the Grammar school students will enter the cafeteria and gather with their class to begin their day, while Logic and Rhetoric students will pass through the cafeteria and meet in the gym.  

Afternoon carpool begins at 3:15 p.m. for Grammar School and 3:35 p.m. for Logic and Rhetoric students (and their younger siblings) every day except Wednesday. Wednesday is an early release day for our school to provide families with a little extra time on an evening that involves church activities for many in our community. On Wednesdays, the afternoon carpool begins at 2:25 p.m. for Grammar School and 2:45 p.m. for Logic & Rhetoric schools. If you arrive to pick up your student more than 15 minutes after their designated pick-up time, you are considered late and will need to park and come in to check out your student. If someone else is picking up your child, please call the receptionist before carpool to let her know who will be picking up your student.  


P.E. Uniforms:

Students in grades K4-8th participate in PE twice a week, while students in 9th-12th have Athletics classes. Beginning in 5th grade, students will wear a PE uniform that can be ordered online from Backstage Graphics. Additionally, 3rd and 4th graders will be asked to purchase a PE shirt when participating in our area-wide Fall and Spring Relays. Also, athletic fees for 6th-12th graders playing sports are billed through FACTS at the start of each season.


Grammar School Special Events and Activities: Year at a Glance


Suggested Reading:

Suggested Reading is available for parents/grandparents who wish to learn more about the classical education model and Biblical virtues CHCS values. We love to share great books with our parents and hope they help and encourage you to understand the aim and philosophies at CHCS.

Room Moms 2023 - 2024: Room Moms

If you have any questions pertaining to class parties or special events, please contact your room mom. They will also set you up on GroupMe, our communication app for classes.


Important Contacts:

Stephanie Jones serves as our Head of School-

John Rutherford serves as our Logic and Rhetoric School Principal -

Courtney Skelton serves as our Grammar School Principal -

Pam Fisher is the office manager for CHCS -

Jana Horne is our Admissions Director -

Crista Hood is our accountant. All financial questions, including billing, may be directed to Crista at

DeAnna Doyle is our receptionist and can handle most of your quick questions. It would be best to let her know when your child is absent.

Griff Mauldin is our Athletic Director, and Leslie Dorrough is our assistant Athletic Director. They can answer any questions you may have pertaining to our sports programs.,

Beth Sheffield leads our Fine Arts department and can provide you with any information you might need in this area.

The Board of Trustees would love to hear from you if you have questions regarding the school’s mission, vision, core values, or policies. They are happy to receive questions or communication at:

The Village consists of our parent community. If you have questions about upcoming events or how you can get involved in the life of our school, please email them at: