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Landon Ashley - Class of 2019

Academics. Service. Leadership. I learned all of these during my time at CHCS. It was incredible to apply them here in a different environment. I was totally prepared to attend this college, in fact, the smaller community at CHCS is the reason I chose to attend Mississippi College. I am so grateful for all that I have learned. I wouldn't be where I am today without CHCS.

Ashley Upchurch - Class of 2015

I think I truly could write a thesis paper about the value of my CHCS education and how it prepared me for college and beyond! I have seen the tremendous effects of knowing how to theologically reflect on situations that arise in the life and in the workplace. Because of the well rounded education I received, I am able to critically think about issues and then use a biblical worldview to reflect on them and form action steps to achieve greater excellence in the workplace and grow in character. I think a unique thing that I have seen as a blessing of my time at CHCS is the example of leadership and care that the faculty and staff portray. As I have stepped into new positions with people I am leading or being led by, I often think about the many people of CHCS. The faculty and staff portrayed humble leadership and genuine care that was shown in the way they spoke truth when it was easy but also when it was hard. They cared about the hearts of their people more than just performance and intellectual growth. They shepherd  the students well with integrity, authenticity, wisdom, and gentleness. As a young professional now, I pray I shepherd those that I work with like the ways my teachers shepherded me for so many years. Lastly, I would say that CHCS does an excellent job of pushing their students out of their comfort zone in a way that builds confidence and not fear. As a high schooler, public speaking was my worst nightmare. Yet, I was guided out of my comfort zone again and again and it allowed me to discover giftings and passions God has given me! As someone who finds so much joy in getting to speak and teach truth in front of people now, I look back on where that began in the classroom full of nerves for a speech meet or thesis but yet always being cheered on every time!

Samantha Mack - Class of 2015

"I truly believe that CHCS helped instill qualities that greatly benefited me in college. I had a very time-consuming major at Baylor University, but I was taught how to focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture. I was encouraged to stay organized, determined, and always be curious about the subjects at hand! I had many teachers that did this well, but I think one of the main takeaways was how to be joyful in all circumstances. Even during the long finals week or preparing for my thesis, knowing where my joy and purpose is placed has served me well and has prepared me more for life than anything else. CHCS has given me some of the greatest lifelong friends and role models that I aspire to be like. Having the opportunity to have a Christian education where I built my core beliefs is something I will forever be grateful for and cherish. Very thankful for CHCS."


Luke Dyess - Class of 2016

"The classical structure and teacher's expectations at Christian Heritage provided me with a significant advantage when tackling the challenge of college coursework. As well as being prepared for the rigors of college academics, I was equipped with adept knowledge of Christianity to face the moral decisions presented on a college campus."


Darbi Dorrough - Class of 2019

I'm currently studying Kinesiology in the hopes of becoming an athletic trainer or a coach. I've seen the impact of CHCS in several areas of my life, but specifically English. My English and Rhetoric teachers prepared me for the college papers that were to come. Specifically, my freshman year at Blinn, in English class we were peer-reviewing each other's papers. As one girl read mine, she said, "Wow, you need to be a writer." All this to say, my teachers thoroughly prepared me. It was at that moment that I realized the educational impact CHCS had on me. CHCS impacted me in another aspect that not many students speak about. Teachers at CHCS would always emphasize the importance of meeting with your teachers if you needed help. This made the transition to college super easy. Most college students are afraid to go to their professors' office hours, but because of my CHCS teachers, I was able to easily meet with my professors.


Faith Carroll - Class of 2019

The classical education at Christian Heritage prepared me for college in countless ways! My personal relationships with all my teachers created a safe learning environment where I was constantly challenged to think critically and to establish my identity as a child of God - two factors that have significantly impacted my success at Texas A&M University thus far. More than that, my exposure to classical educational teaching methods such as Socratic discussions and Latin prepared me to succeed in Honors level classes such as Business Law this past semester. I am forever grateful that Christian Heritage gave me the opportunity to be well-rounded by allowing me to participate in basketball, volleyball, choir, and theater, and the National Honor Society. My exposure to so many extra-curriculars has given me plenty to talk about when making new friends and interviewing. I am so grateful for the education I received at CHS because it set me up for success at Texas A&M, the future Law school I will attend, and beyond.


Audrey Carr - Class of 2017

I went to college for a year in Bryan, Texas (Blinn) and then moved back home, married my husband, and decided to work full time. While I did not get my college degree, I feel like CHCS helped instill in me a desire for excellence and diligence. Transitioning from school to the "real world" was more difficult than I expected. I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue, but I knew that I wanted to do whatever I was doing in that current season of life with excellence. CHCS taught me that hard work is necessary to attain goals. Diligence in my work helped me pursue my goals. That being said, I now run my own business - Refining Dust. I believe that my time at CHCS molded me into the hard worker that I am today and for that, I am extremely grateful!


Hailey Hinshaw - Class of 2009

CHCS helped me prepare for college by teaching me how to manage my time and how to study. I learned the importance of synthesizing ideas and not taking the easy way out. CHCS demands a lot from its students but it also builds its students up a lot. I felt very prepared for what I faced in college.

Elijah Dyess - Class of 2015

I would say that Christian Heritage helped me prepare for the level of academic rigor I faced in college. Christian Heritage was tough academically and I definitely was never a fan of the homework and especially not the paper writing, but once I got to college I quickly discovered that I was better at writing than most of the people in my classes. I would say that I always took for granted the Christian aspect of Christian Heritage. I remember at different points everyone in my class wishing they were at a public school and not really grasping the sacrifice that their parents had made for them to have that level of education academically as well as spiritually.

Brady Bolding - Class of 2017

CHCS was a great source of preparation for me in college. Many of the classes I took had us learn the material we would need for the class, but I already knew it or large parts of it. I also wrote so many papers at CHCS that whenever I had a paper due that was 5 pages or under it was a breeze. Most of all, CHCs taught me how to learn well, more valuable than learning information, but learning how to study well, how to piece together certain materials on my own, and how to ask good questions and find the answers to those questions. Many schools can teach you information, but CHCS taught me useful skills.

Colton Wilkerson - Class of 2019

Christian Heritage helped me develop the ability to think for myself instead of believing something just because it sounds good. CHCS taught me to reason logically and it taught me the importance of building meaningful relationships with the people closest to me.


Cameron Foy - Class of 2019

CHCS helped prepare me for college by increasing my public speaking skills. Through debates, Socratic discussions, and senior thesis, CHCS made me a confident and successful speaker in front of a crowd. My time at CHCS also provided me with a comfortable yet challenging learning environment where I was not afraid to ask questions, but always encouraged to seek knowledge. After learning CHCS, I desired to find a close-knit Christian environment and sought it out at my university. Overall, CHCS prepared me extremely well for college and will always be a place I can call home.


Laura Sheffield - Class of 2018

Something I value most about my time at Christian Heritage was how the teachers challenged me both academically and spiritually to think independently and critically as well as confidently express my views and beliefs.



Alex Williams - Class of 2007

High school was more than just tests and homework for me. It was a great Christian community. The teachers cared for me on a personal level. They took the time to listen and teach valuable life lessons that stick with me today.


Avry Sieh - Class of 2018

Reflecting, it is evident that classical education provides a solid foundation for learning and an advantage in continued schooling. The faculty and staff genuinely care for every student and want them to succeed - supporting them in school sports, and theater.

Brackstin Moss - Class of 2017

My teachers made it their goal to make sure that everybody in our class succeeded. Our classes were specifically designed to be challenging and allowed me to have an easy academic transition into college.


Danielle Poss - Class of 2017

Academically, Christian Heritage really prepared me for college. Our thesis project taught us how to research thoroughly, as well as speak with confidence. Personally, the relationships with teachers and peers were very special. It was a closeness you don't find in most school settings.


Catherine Stanley - Class of 2011

All the teachers and administrators at CHCS had high expectations and the classes were challenging. The teachers helped cultivate a strong work ethic, organization, and moral values. These lessons helped me navigate through college, law school, and my career.


Lydia Black  - Class of 2018

The encouragement and support I received at CHCS not only pushed me to pursue my dreams, but also to pursue a healthy way of living. The examples I had in the CHCS community showed me what it looks like to prioritize well and to make choices based on love - not fear.

I am about to finish my last semester at Harding University with a Bachelor's in Acting and a minor in Entrepreneurial Management. I have had the opportunity to study a large range of subjects, as well as perform in nine major shows while attending HU.


Ainsley Brumit - Class of 2021

When I first stepped out onto the college scene I was honestly pretty fearful. I didn't know what was ahead and I didn't know how my classes were going to go. Bur now that I have had some experience in that area I can confidently say that CHCS has prepared me for academic success and they have equipped me to defend my faith when I am faced with challenging situations. Academically I was worried that I would be overwhelmed with the workload. But once experiencing classes for myself it turned out that my college workload was just about the same as my high school workload. I felt very prepared and at ease whenever I was given an assignment from my professors. My biggest worry before arriving at college was finding a community. College is a place where it is very easy to fall into what the world has to say because no one is telling you what to do. But I felt that at least for me being in college has strengthened my relationship with the Lord and some of that has to do with what CHCS has taught me. The Worldview class I took my senior year especially prepared me for the different types of people I would meet on campus. Luckily for me, I was able to find a church and a college ministry that has helped me grow in my faith and actually take on my faith as my own. Even in church I am able to reflect on my time at CHCS and the biblical knowledge I have gained from all those years of having a BIble class in school. I think that in each class, having the Christian worldview implemented was the most important in my education because I have been able to use scripture to combat what the world has to say about how I should live my life.


Gracie Mowry - Class of 2018

Taking AP classes and Rhetoric/Thesis has prepared me for the difficulty of college classes. The intensity of grammar, literature, writing, and speech has set me up for success in English and Education classes in college. The small class sizes actually helped me become more confident and grow in leadership skills.




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