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Philosophy and Guidelines For CHCS Sports

Please see this video from our Athletic Director - Parent Meeting Recap

The athletic program at Christian Heritage is an integral part of our character development program. It is conducted in such a way as to develop and strengthen the godly character of all involved. The context is competitive activities where the individual or the team is striving to win. We want our sports program and other extracurricular activities to support our school mission and philosophy statement fully. We believe that extracurricular activities are a vital resource for training young minds and hearts. These activities provide opportunities outside the classroom for students to practice and experience biblical principles taught at home and school. To that end, this is the purpose of all extracurricular activities at CHCS:

  • To partner with parents to develop spiritual maturity in each student.
  • To provide each student with an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • To learn and demonstrate Christ-like character and behavior during interaction with other groups outside the school.

We expect that through these parent/school-sponsored activities, our children will learn the following:

  • The benefits and proper constraints of competition.
  • The right rewards for hard work and preparation or lack thereof.
  • How to submit to and follow scriptural authority subjecting personal interests to those of the leader (Coach) and the team.
  • The benefits of working together in unity under the leadership and the appropriate expression of individual talent for the team's benefit.
  • The value of camaraderie and the friendships that result.
  • The value of experiencing both victories and defeats.
  • How to celebrate or express disappointment with Christ-like dignity (good sportsmanship), demonstrating honor and respect to coaches, parents, officials, and other competitors.
  • The benefits of exposing ourselves to new challenges.

A successful coach at CHCS demonstrates individual care for each athlete and the person God has called them to be while effectively teaching and training them in the sport. Therefore, the won-loss record for the team is only a minor consideration when evaluating the coach’s performance.

The CHCS Athletic Department acknowledges the following order of priorities in our school – 

1) God

2) Church

3) Family 

4) Academics

5) Athletics

When this order is followed, it allows student-athletes to be balanced spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Athletic Director: Griff Mauldin

Assistant Athletic Director: Leslie Dorrough