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Purpose | Athletics play an important role in the lives of many students while attending Christian Heritage Classical School. As Christian coaches and athletes, we desire to place Christ as the center of our attention both on and off the athletic field. We are to have His attitudes, His actions, and His mindset in every endeavor.

Mission | TO MAKE MUCH OF HIM (John 3:30)
To utilize the arena of competitive sports to help our children grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually as we face the challenges of competition in a manner that glorifies our God.

The arena of competitive sports can be an excellent place to learn and practice this mindset. The athletic program is a tool to teach Godly character that will prevail in circumstances that are sometimes challenging or difficult. The court and the field are great classrooms to teach hard work, discipline, and the importance of working together. Athletes must learn to maintain self-control in the heat of competition, humility in victory, and self-respect in defeat. Our desire is to help our athletes deal with each situation in a manner that would bring glory to God and would instill in them a confidence that God will strengthen us in any temptation or struggle faced in the future.

As a Christ-centered school, we should be obviously different from the world in our attitudes and actions. We need to encourage our athletes, coaches, and parents to pursue the elevation of Christ’s reputation. We must learn to determine our success, not from the final score or the record, but in the process of becoming all God would have us to become.

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Athletic Director | Griff Mauldin |

Assistant Athletic Director I Leslie Dorrough I