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The visual art program at Christian Heritage recognizes that as children of a Creator Father, we have an innate capacity to create. The art elective thus is committed to encouraging observation and discovery of the beauty of God's creation and assisting students in discovering their own creative potential. Exposure to artists from various periods helps to inspire students in their own work and allows the opportunity to evaluate art based on principles of design learned in class. Assignments/projects are manageable by students of all skill levels. By applying the elements of art- that is line, shape, color, and texture, etc.)---and the principles of design, students discover not only how to create aesthetically pleasing artwork and photography, but also how to " read" the work of other artists. Students are given the opportunity to enter their work in a competitive setting each year through the TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) State Academic, and Art Meet, as well as local art/photography contests/festivals. In addition, non-competitive artistic opportunities are provided in the form of school/community plays and musical theater productions.

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