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CHCS holds the premise that parents are their child's primary teacher and should be involved in their ongoing formal education. We consider ourselves partners with parents in this endeavor. To that end, parents are asked to sign a Family Agreement each year indicating that they agree with the statement of faith, philosophy, and guidelines of CHCS. 

The commitment and involvement of parents is one of the foundational elements of Christian Heritage Classical School, and one of the reasons for its continued success. The Parent Participation Program provides (PPP) the framework by which every family is able to serve by becoming integrally involved in the programs and traditional events that define the culture and community of our school. By utilizing the gifts, time, and talents of our parents, the PPP enables CHCS to reduce the number of paid positions at our school, thereby helping control tuition costs. Parents who invest in the life of our school in this way take more ownership, find greater fulfillment, and build stronger relationships during their years at Christian Heritage. This is a long-term benefit for the community  as it is not only a practical financial and relational asset to the families, but is instrumental in fulfilling the mission and vision of our school.

PPP Handbook