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At Christian Heritage, we seek to integrate faith and learning through a robust classical and Christ-centered education. Our job as educators is to produce fruit in our students. We do this by continually thinking about three questions:

We have particular objectives in mind each day. So, our lessons are focused, retainable, and memorable. We are imparting a cultural literacy to our students which will allow them to thrive as human beings.

When we plan our lessons, there are some very tangible intellectual habits we want our students to walk away with: a love of learning and a habit of attentiveness. Students who love learning and have an ability to focus look and sound different from others. These two habits alone will take students places they never thought they would go. 


We also want to equip our students with substantial skills: the ability to draw distinctions, make connections, synthesize information, and write and speak well. These give our students a functional literacy they will have the rest of their lives. 

We know we are teaching image-bearers. Therefore, we aim to help students see the world, themselves, and others from a Biblical perspective. This does not mean we tack a few Bible verses onto our curriculum, but we think deeply about our subjects and how it reveals both who God is and what he has done in the world. This means that education at its root is transformative. In our planning, we know considering this question each day provides students with a moral literacy that will motivate them to love all that God says is beautiful, holy, and good.