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Rhetoric students love to express themselves in one way or another. Therefore, in Rhetoric School, students develop and practice the art of persuasion each day. This occurs in every class through Socratic discussion, written essays, presentations, and speeches. Each senior demonstrates the culmination of this robust education by developing and defending a senior thesis on a topic of their own choosing.

Please see our Curriculum Scope and Sequence for a brief overview of what our rhetoric students learn in 9th - 12th grade.


Our rhetoric students have the opportunity to attend a Rhetoric Retreat during the first few days of school. They also participate in Student-Led Chapel, House Groups, House Games, Rhetoric Banquet, Thanksgiving Fest, Christmas Celebration, Sponge Service Days, and field trips including a trip to Washington D.C. Students have the opportunity to choose electives, sports, AP classes, and be a part of the National Honor Society.


Graduation Requirements for Rhetoric Students