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Anne Jordan
Anne Jordan
Kindergarten Instructor

Anne graduated from Texas Baptist College in 2007 with her Bachelor's degree in education, majoring in English. She immediately began teaching in a local Christian school. In 2008, she married Philip. God gifted them with five sons over the years - Philip (12). Jonathan (9), Benjamin (7), Ethan (4), and Levi (1). She taught third grade for two years, then taught part-time for three more years. She then enjoyed the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom for nine years. 

Anne loves spending time exploring the outdoors with her family, going on road trips,  or just playing a simple game of ping pong or frisbee.  

"Christian Heritage has been a loving community that we have enjoyed being a part of for almost two years. I love the emphasis on Christ throughout the subjects and how students are led to see His hand in every aspect of learning. It is fulfilling and rewarding to serve in a God-honoring school that makes much of Him."