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Diedra Hale
Diedra Hale
Grammar/ Logic/ Rhetoric Art Instructor

In 2016, I began pursuing my passion for art as a career after retiring from a twenty-two-year career in real estate. I was introduced to the healing qualities of art while caring for my late husband in his battle with cancer. When he passed in 2009, art became a source of healing and a pastime while I was raising my eight-year-old son.
I never knew art would open the door to minister and reach people otherwise untouchable, as well as serve as a form of worship to God, during some very difficult times. My hope is to ignite a passion and purpose for each person interested in art at every level. I believe God has very special plans ahead for all of us.
Below is my official "artist statement".... I CANNOT wait to discover yours!

"The purpose of my art is in the creation of it. I am drawn in by moments in other people’s lives, expressions, and in the landscape that surrounds the places I travel and the people I observe.  Everyday objects bursting with color, texture and iridescence are among my favorite still life muses. Various mediums are my playground. My art is my ministry to others and my expression of worship to God for all He has done for me.”

Samples of my work can be viewed @